The Gtech AirRam Mk2 K9 cordless vacuum cleanerUp until 2013 when it first came out, people didn’t know much about cordless vacuum cleaners, and if they did the lacklustre performance of the few then available models didn’t exactly impress.

Then the original AirRam from Gtech came out, and people started paying attention to a cordless trend it would have a major influence on.

The model suffered from its quirks, and its manufacturers went back to the drawing board to try and address this. The result was the Mk2, a sturdier, more feature-packed cordless vacuum that tries to give traditional corded models a run for their money.

At first glance, the upgraded Mk2 looks more or less the same as the original – it is rather stout for a cordless vacuum, looking more like a traditional upright and trying to play the part as well.

The improvements start to show once you go past its exterior and take a peek at its inner workings. Most flimsier parts have been replaced with quality metal alternatives, causing it to be a bit heavier but much sturdier at the same time.

New features include a brush especially designed to tackle pet hair (hence the k9 in the name), and built-in fragrance inserts that will freshen up your home while you vacuum it.

At 3,8 kg, it is heavier than most other cordless models, but that added weight as well as its upright design allow it t stand alone without needing to lean against a wall. It comes with a wall mounted charging unit that takes about four hours to fully recharge the battery. It can then run continuously for about 40 minutes, which is at the upper end of cordless models’ capabilities.

As far as cleaning itself is concerned, the k9 does a great job on carpets, which is surprising in a positive way since cordless vacuums have many more problems with carpeted surfaces than they do with hard ones.

Interestingly enough, the K9 wasn’t as great with those as we had hoped, having to pass over one spot multiple times to clean it correctly.

Another thing we didn’t enjoy was its lack of accessories, which hinders its versatility. You won’t be able to vacuum your upholstery, and tidying up your car is out of the question as well. Corners and other hard to reach places aren’t handled adequately either, forcing you to go over them manually once the K9 has had a go at it.

Ultimately though, if you’ve had a cordless vacuum for a while now the K9 might very well be a huge upgrade since its suction capabilities and long battery life make it one of the most powerful models we’ve seen.

Still, it lacks a few of the necessary traits that would allow it to become a worthy replacement for traditional upright cleaners, making it perfectly suited as a secondary vacuum used for frequent yet light maintenance, or for quick cleaning that doesn’t justify assembling your main device.