Using a steam cleanerThe clean that comes from using a steam cleaner can be a clean that is second to none.

Not only will your carpets and upholstery look clean, but they will also have the added benefit of being healthier due to the fact that steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as moulds and other dangerous elements.

Still, steam cleaning can seem like an intimidating project, far more complicated than simple vacuuming.

This article will present several easy to follow steps that will make the steam cleaning process simple and unintimidating.

Following these steps will help you give your house the deep cleaning it deserves!

Step 1: Prepare the area

In the case of steam cleaning your carpets, the first thing you need to do is to move any furniture that is in the room.

Whether you move the furniture to one side of the room and do one side at a time, or whether you remove the furniture altogether is up to you.

The most important thing is to clean the entire carpet, thus the furniture will need to be moved.

In the case of upholstery or other cleaning projects, ensure that any small items are removed which may get sucked into the steamer.

Take all the cushions off of any sofa or chair, and make sure no loose change or other small items are present.

Step 2: Vacuum the area

Whilst steam cleaners are designed to clean, the truth is that you will get the best results when all surface dirt and grime is removed prior to steam cleaning. Thus, vacuum all carpets thoroughly before steam cleaning.

Additionally, a good vacuuming of any upholstery will go a long way to getting the most out of your steam cleaning project.

Be sure to vacuum every surface of the sofa or chair you are going to clean, using the appropriate attachments to get the job done right.

Step 3: Add water and cleaning solution

Depending on the model of steam cleaner you use, specific cleaning agents will need to be added.

Always make sure to read the manufacturer’s manual in order to know the right solution to use.

Water will also need to be added, to the appropriate reservoir, in order to make the steam needed for steam cleaning.

Step 4: Ensure proper ventilation

The chemicals used in steam cleaners are extremely harsh. Thus, it is critical to make sure you have any available windows open in order to provide healthy airflow to protect you from the chemical fumes.

In the case of windowless rooms, place a fan at the far end of the room, across from an open door to create adequate airflow.

Step 5: Create a plan

Unlike regular vacuuming, steam cleaning will leave your carpet wet. Therefore, you need to be sure that you begin cleaning at the far end of a room and work your way back, ending at the door where you can easily exit the room.

This will ensure that you don’t undo any cleaning by stepping on wet carpet, which will act as a magnet to any dirt on your feet.

Step 6: Allow to dry thoroughly

Whether you are cleaning carpet, upholstery or any other surface, it is critical that you allow for thorough drying after the job is done.

Good airflow from open windows, fans or even air conditioning will help to speed the process up.

Proper drying can take many hours, even as much as a whole day, so be sure to plan your project accordingly.


Steam cleaning, when done right, can help preserve any carpet or upholstery — giving it added luster and even extending its life.

Following the six steps in this article will help you to get the best results from your cleaning efforts, making your house the envy of all!