If you do not maintain your home in the correct way, fungus can be a widespread problem in various regions. Find out how to get rid of any mould in your home through cheap and simple methods.

Mould is one of the most common and problematic aspects of living in a home or apartment. In climates where there is a lot of humidity, this can be a real problem that causes ill-health effects. The worst part about this problem is that it does not usually show up very well and people don’t even recognise where it is. If one finds it in their home, the question of how to get rid of mould is often the most difficult. There are several professional solutions, but not all of them require help from professional sources.

The following article will help you to take the burden upon yourself to save money and ensure the job is done right. It is not only an aesthetic and structural integrity problem, but also a health issue so make sure it is done right.

Use of Killing Products

Some different methods might require scrubbing and others will not, but there is a long list of items that can help you to kill the fungus. Many of the different ingredients used simply kill the fungus, which is exactly what you want. The most well-known and used method is to utilise bleach and borax. Both of these items are powerful as are vinegar and ammonia.

For most people who are trying to solve this problem, it is best to use these four ingredients, but there are others you might have at home as well. Hydrogen peroxide works well as does detergent, baking soda, and even grapefruit seed extract if you have some at home.

Growth on Drywall and Wood

Some of the common sites where you might see some growth are places like drywall, wood, carpet, and even on tiles. All of these locations are problematic due their surface and how that interacts with the humidity, moisture, and allows the mould to grow. There are a variety of different products that can help you to stop this from happening in these specific locations.

The drywall is one of the worst places to get mould because you will have to remove it from the unpainted portion. This is one of the reasons why it is good to have your drywall painted. If it is painted, you can actually remove the section and replace it. You can use a HEPA vacuum to get rid of any growth that you accidentally stir up in the process. If the drywall is painted than you can just wipe or scrub the mould away with one of the above mentioned products like bleach.

Wood is a little bit different because you can usually get rid of it without replacement. The only problem is that there can be some stains afterwards, which looks quite bad. Don’t worry about the stain being fungus as it is purely cosmetic. If you add bleach, it should also get rid of this. Cleaning just requires scrubbing with some of the above mentioned ingredients.

Cheap Methods to solve your Problem

A lot of people who see fungus inside their home wonder how to get rid of mould without spending a lot of money. When this gets really bad it can be incredibly expensive and it is your responsibility to be able to find a cheap option.

If you get a spray bottle and bleach with some water, you will be able to kill the mould for a very cheap cost. Typically the total cost for something like this will be under $2 or so. However, it requires that you add 2-3 inches of bleach all the way to the end along with some water. With these ratios, you can just start spraying on the affected areas as much as possible. After spraying these regions, just start to scrub as hard as you can. You will find that the application and scrubbing process might have to be conducted several times so just keep working hard until you have completely solved the problem.

You may be left with stains, but the bleach will eventually take care of all of this. Just ensure that you are putting as much effort into the cleaning and scrubbing as possible and you will learn exactly how to kill every last bit of mould for a very modest cost. Of course, if things are too bad and the problem will not go away, it is a good idea to discuss your options with a professional. They can come with very high quality materials and tools for this particular task or maybe they will even advise you on how to carry out the removal. The health concern makes it imperative to prioritise this problem at your home.