Tips to remove carpet stainsThese days, we are often afraid to buy carpets for our homes because of the hassle of getting them cleaned thoroughly.

With the purchase of a carpet, we are often required to buy a vacuum cleaner that could help when it comes to taking care of the dust and dirt within.

Sometimes even that’s not sufficient if there is too much dirt in the house and the carpet isn’t cleaned regularly.

One of the most common things we see is pet hair and dander getting stuck in the carpet, which might be something that does not come off very easily when cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Even if you are using a specialised pet vacuum cleaner, you will have to contact a professional service from time to time to get it thoroughly cleaned. However, while all of this might sound a bit expensive, this should not discourage you from making the choice to go with carpet.

This is simply because there are several different DIY ways to get the stains removed regardless of how tough and well-embedded they are.

We will explore these ways as we make our way through this article.

As you may already be aware, Ammonia can be really helpful in getting these stains removed.

Basically what you have to do is sponge the carpet clean by mixing ammonia with warm water. You will have to repeat the cleaning process several times until you are fully satisfied.

Another ingredient which commonly comes in handy when it comes to cleaning stains from the carpet is vinegar.

It is no secret that vinegar possesses a lot of stain-removing properties. You can really utilise these when it comes to getting your carpet cleaned.

Basically, you will have to make a simple solution of vinegar and salt. Once you have applied this solution, you have to wait for a few minutes so that the solution dries.

Once it is dry, you can clean the area of the carpet where the stain was located by using a vacuum cleaner. You will notice that even the toughest stains can be removed with this simple trick.

More DIY Tricks to Remove Carpet Stains

People often have this idea that proper cleaning can only be done by a professional service and they underestimate DIY tricks and techniques.

However, DIY techniques can come in handy in getting these stains removed. This helps saves both, your precious time and the money in your wallet.

There are various other ingredients that can be used with vinegar to tackle stains that may be tough to eradicate.

For instance, if the stain is very dark, then adding borax to the vinegar solution would be a good idea. The application of this solution will be the same as described previously.

Similarly, you could also add cornstarch in this mixture to make the solution stronger.

Even then if you are not satisfied, then it is often recommended to try a little bit of laundry detergent. This will give the mixture enhanced capability to remove the stains from your carpet.

Believe it or not, even shaving cream can be used to remove stains caused by juice spilt on your carpet.

Basically, you have to bloat it with the shaving cream and let the whole patch dry. Once it is dry you can clean it with a rough cloth. This will show a major improvement in the condition of the carpet.

You can repeat the process to fully remove the stain.

Getting carpet stains is frustrating for anyone. Follow these simple tricks to get rid of the toughest of carpet stains easily and all by yourself.