Filth has been one of humanity’s greatest enemies ever since we settled down and called a place home.

It’s always there to some degree and all you can do is to make sure that your living space is as hygienic and as free of it as possible. Keeping on top of the dirt takes time and dedication.

We can’t help with the latter, but we are here to save you some time by providing you with our guides on various cleaning gadgets.

They are the result of a lot of practical work and research where we’ve gradually eliminated lesser quality products so we could showcase only the finest both in terms of capability and worth.

It all starts with a deep cleaning of your carpets. Grime and filth can really get stuck into the intertwining fibres and stay there for years. The answer to that is a powerful carpet cleaner whose many bristles will make short work of even the most deep-seated stains.

For the rest of the house, you’ll need a reliable, preferably cordless vacuum that will allow you to cover a wide area without the hassle of having to constantly look for a suitable outlet.

Since many places are either hard to reach or too small for a conventional vacuum, we’re also featuring a host of compact, portable options. Get yourself a handheld vacuum and go to town on all the hard to reach places in your garage or car.

To ensure your home is as free of bacteria as it is of dirt, be sure to take a look at our steam cleaner section as well. These powerful appliances use steam as nature’s unbeatable answer eliminating germs as well as keeping your surfaces free of grime and fat.

Whichever cleaning appliance you need, we’ll make sure your house will be spotless and smell as fresh as a daisy!